Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wrinkles, Warts and Irene

Trying to prepare for the worst and hoping for the best.
Tomatoes would have been happier on the vines for a little longer. I have twice as many left on the vine that are just not worth picking at this point. I hope they make it through the storm. Most of these are Brandywines and Pineapple tomatoes

Some of the Tomatoes have wonderful character.

Any clue as to what would make a tomato grow a wart?


  1. Aren't they funny? I don't know what causes it, but every year I have at least one tomato with a big nose ;-)

    I didn't realize you were located in hurricane territory....stay safe!

  2. Brandywines will never win a beauty pagent, but the taste---divine!!

  3. I had a lot of deformed tomatoes this year....much more then usual. It must have been the weather.

    Stay safe over there in the Garden State! Hopefully some of the veggies will make it through!

  4. funny tomatoes - love the one with the little legs.