Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garden Happenings

I love this time of the garden when you can see growth day to day. The forever changing perennial garden. The air was so thick this morning with fog that you could see all these interesting webs on many of the plants.

Bean flowers are plentiful. Much different than last year when we had such a hard time getting the beans producing and when they did in August, it was a poor crop. This year I should be getting them in another week or two.

Peas are beginning to plump up.

The big news is that two female butternut squash flowers opened with no males in sight. I clipped one of the male pattypan squash flowers to pollinate the butternut. I hope it works. An unfolded squash flower.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Harvest and GTTC

Not a lot to harvest this week.
Waiting on the peas. I pulled some turnips and greens. They were not doing so well and I could tell they were not going to get much bigger. The squash continue to come in. Check Daphne's Dandelions for more harvests.

I made an excellent dish of caramelized onions (not from the garden) radishes and patty pan squash sauteed in balsamic vinegar that were great as a warm dish. The next day, I used it as a topping on a green salad. My first Garden to Table Challenge hosted by Greenish Thumb. Take a look at some other great garden dishes. YUM.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Squash have It.

While I have harvested a little here and there from the garden in the last few weeks, this is my first Harvest Monday post compliments of Daphne. Check some others out. I finally got an overhead shot of the garden.

I never seem to photograph my lettuce and that is probably because I cut and eat it. It is supposed to be better if it stays in the refrigerator over night so I am going to have to cut a day in advance. I have never tried head lettuce and might do that for the fall since my daughter likes it so much better than the mesclun mix. I pulled all the radishes. Half last week and the rest this morning. I realized that they were not getting bigger and the timing was not right for them this year - only dime size. So much smaller than last year when I got quarter size radishes.

This week, I also pulled a bunch of garlic. The stems fell over and they never gave me garlic scapes. I was so looking forward to getting some this year to make the pesto from Happy Acres. I still might get some scapes from the garlic I planted on the other side of the garden.

I guess the squash are the winners for the week. I was not sure when to pick the pattypan squash but it looked about the right time. I know it is hard to tell size but it was about 4" in diameter. Nicely followed by striped zucchini squash, compliments of Robin. I will try to pick these small. I think it is better for the plant and they taste better also. These three are about 8" long.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Waiting Patiently

Curioso says it all. In a rare moment of compassion, I let one of my cats follow me into the garden while I worked. He was very content napping and keeping me company.

Elsewhere in the garden progress is happening despite my very late and unenthusiastic start.
All the plants are in and actually looking good and healthy.

Pattypan squash. I love these squash but never want to dedicate so much space to the plant since the garden is not that big. This plant is in the garden but I cleared out a section behind the garden and planted two others. We will see how well they do.

Eggplant is flowering and this is one of the 10 plants that I did not start from seed. I get them from the Master Gardener sale and they look so healthy when I buy them.

Stripped squash, seeds compliments of Robin and I know it is hard to tell but a female and male squash opening up on the same day means a baby squash.

The only purchased tomato plant. This is a Juliet. I love these for fresh salsa and sun drying.

The peony lasted for such a short time. The Iris is the ones I brought from Mexico and I like them because they bloom much later than the other ones I have.