Tuesday, April 27, 2010

how it starts

I start thinking about my garden for the following year at the end of the growing season. So, this garden I started planning back in September and October of 2009. I decided on a square foot garden but I never do anything by the book because it is so much easier for me to learn from my own mistakes rather than someone else's expertise. My square foot garden is divided up in various sized spaces and I have very little room between each of the plots. all of it gets drawn in my garden sketch book and my only regret is that I can not use water color in my sketchbook.

After I plant my seeds, I begin to think about what goes where.

Sometimes it is general and sometimes I mark varieties.
The only seeds that are in at this time are my pole beans, some radishes and garlic.

I have a wonderful 10 foot planter box behind of our back porch and it gets 6 hours of morning and early afternoon sun which is great for lettuce.

I planted this batch around March 24 and had my first salad of thinned lettuce with roots on April 19.

The temperature is dropping tonight and I have to bring all the plants inside. Hopefully tomorrow, i can plant more seeds.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Rain today and I can not get the rest of my seeds in the ground until tomorrow or Wednesday.
The garden teaches me patience.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A New Year

Ever since I lived with a friend of mine in California, I have dreamed of having a big garden. Two years ago, when we moved back to the states, I made sure to find a house that would allow me the pleasure of growing my own vegetables. For the last two years I have worked on the plot of land in which the garden grows.

For me it is either plant and tend the garden or write a blog. In researching various garden ideas and techniques, I realized that perhaps there was room for both. Barry, my husband, is taking most of the pictures because I am too busy making it all grow right.

I hope that you enjoy the progress and it inspires you as did many of the garden blogs that I have looked at.