Thursday, August 18, 2011


The garden has stalled.
Not sure why but I have plenty of green tomatoes on the vines, about a dozen baby eggplant, picked a few peppers - the plants are gigantic and healthy but no baby peppers, Bush beans are done - the pole beans must be thinking and cucumbers have succumbed to bacterial wilt.

I guess I will have to report back in a few days.

Canning some more tomato sauce with the ripe tomatoes that we can not eat before they go bad. It is  OK since we are going away for a few days. OH and a bunch of tomatillos are ripe and making green salsa.

: )    : )                 : )   : )                : )  : )

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  1. Love your blog! Having the same issues here too...we are hoping they will swing around here soon! Nicole