Friday, September 10, 2010

Okra - Must Mean Gumbo

The only other poster that I know that gets excited about okra is Debbie from Connecting the Dots. She posted  a few weeks ago on how Tomato plus Okra equals Gumbo. I had a very uncooperative garden this year and did not get my tomatoes at the same time that I got the okra. None the less, I have harvested 35 okra in the last week and thought that was enough to make a fine gumbo. I actually had enough tomatoes to use for the gumbo but had to resort to a little canned tomato sauce to add in there. For the future, I think I will freeze some homemade tomato sauce in ice cube trays for use in small amounts. I often need 4 tablespoons full.

I was cooking for a Jewish crowd and had to leave out any shellfish so I decided to make a jalapeno chicken sausage gumbo. The only thing in the pot that was not from the garden was the garlic, chicken sausage and 4 tablespoon of tomato sauce. The top picture is the roux, I love the color.

The ingredients were:
onions, garlic, okra, swiss chard, Anaheim pepper, cayenne peppers, parsley, tomatoes, and sausage. Check out Greenish Thumb for some other great recipes in the Garden to Table Challenge. The crowd loved it and it is all gone.


  1. Yum...gumbo!! We hardly ever make gumbo at home. We do eat it a lot of gumbo when we go to our favorite city, New Orleans.

    I see that your tomato plants are giving you some tomatoes also. Mine are actually doing quite well. Hopefully the much needed rain we got today will help the rest of the garden!!

  2. wow, you must have been proud to serve that dish! I love gumbo too, but actually, the only thing I would leave out is the okra! I know, that's totally wrong...