Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Celebrating the Harvest

In the Jewish Religion and customs, we have a holiday that celebrates the harvest. It is called Sukkot. It is customary to build a sukkah (a temporary shelter that enables you to simultaneously, appreciate the natural world while acknowledging the fragility of the man made.)

For the first time in my life, we have built a sukkah. Actually my husband did the building but I took care of the walls and the roof. There are a slew of traditions that go along with the holiday like:
DECORATING it with fruits from the harvest -
EATING in the sukkah -
SLEEPING in the sukkah -
BLESSINGS - said specifically over an etrog (citrus fruit) and a lulav (date palm frond).

I am just excited to have such a beautiful and cozy sukkah.


  1. It is very nice, I love the roof! You could put a small table in and have a nice lunch, or dinner, if it is not too cold outside.

    I don't know anything about Jewish customs, so I love reading posts like this. It is a very nice tradition.

  2. Barry, It is beautiful! Mazal tov! Enjoy it in good health, good company and good weather!