Monday, September 13, 2010

Harvest Monday

This weekend we got down to 65° at night and the garden is slowing down in some areas, picking up in other areas.
I am not getting a lot of any specific crop but a steady small amount of everything. Keeps dinner on the table. Made a wonderful pot of gumbo this weekend and now have lettuce on a regular basis.  Lots of the plants have flowers and small fruits. Hopefully enough time to develop and ripen.

Daphne's has all the latest harvests. Check it out.


  1. I wish I were getting everything. The squirrels have all but stopped my cucumbers. I had to pull my green beans because of rust. I have mostly peppers and tomatoes. I hope the fall crops grow fast so I can get a more varied harvest.

  2. Variety is good ! I'm totally impressed by your okra harvest. 35 ! Wow. This was my firt year growing okra and got ONE fruit for my trouble (that is if I don't count the other tiny one ripening up at the moment). Nice harvest !

  3. 65? That's a really warm night around here, last night it got down to somewhere in the high 40's, I didn't look closely enough to see exactly what the temp was, but that was actually colder than usual, somewhere in the 50's is more typical for this time of year. Okra is difficult to grow around here, but that is ok, it is not a favorite of mine anyway.

  4. A steady small amount of everything is exactly what I would like to have in my garden all the time! :-) Wouldn't that be great if we could have that, so we don't have to process and can anything, but still get fresh produce from the garden whenever we want? Gumbo with garden okra sounds great!

  5. I'm with thyme2, a steady amount of everything is good, too much of anything gives me headaches.

    Is that Russian kale you have there?

  6. That gumbo looks delicious! I am very tempted to make some... if only I had planted okra this year! I will have to see if there is any at our farmer's market.

    I am also wondering what the leafy veggie is in your last picture.

  7. Daphne - Everything will begin to slow down real quickly. Good luck with the fall crops.

    miss M - I thought I had a poor okra crop this year since I could never get a whole bunch at one time but I guess this is good. It is fun to grow because the plant puts out a beautiful flower and grows slowly. Almost sunflower size at the end of the sumer.

    michelle - going to 55 in the next couple of days so we are dropping fast.

    thyme and mac - The steady pace of a little of everything is going to die down quickly but I know what you mean. Of course it would be wonderful to live where that happened all year round.

    Mac and Prairie - The leafy green is from a package of Renee's Garden seeds. Greens- Asian Stirfry. The package says that this is Asian Red Kale. After a bit of research, I do not think there is much difference, if any, between Asian red Kale and Russian Red kale. Whatever it is, it has given me a steady crop for the whole summer and makes a great addition to soups, stews and great Kale chips.
    See this Post if you want the recipe: