Saturday, July 2, 2011

Small Plant and Fritters

I have already harvested about 12 squash from the garden. The mix of Patty pan and striped zucchini have kept my kitchen busy with a variety of recipes. In this house, we do potato pancakes twice a year. The frying just gets to me and I am not fond of the lingering oil smell. But, I needed a savory dish that was a little different then the ones I was making and so Zucchini fritters it was. Not sure how many went into the dish but I used a combination of the two squash and had a nice meal with a garden salad on the side. No pictures of the plate. I never get to the camera in time. Wendy has some other recipes on the GTTC every Saturday.

On another squash front - I planted two butternut squash. These are really my favorite squash. Last year I only managed to get four squash from the two plants. I was hoping for more this year, especially after seeing Granny's post last year on how many she got. The plant was growing nicely and one day I noticed about 8 female squash flowers with 1" squash attached. No male flowers were going to open for at least a week and I had to try to pollinate with the pattypan and stripped zucchini. My efforts failed as you can see below. At this point I have 4 that are pollinated and four that have died. I see a few more on the plant that may develop so i am keeping my fingers crossed.

Lastly, I have a Tumbling Tom tomato that looks like a picture from one of those magazines that promises high yield. I bought this plant from the Master Gardeners and thought it would make a nice addition to the patio. This plant is only 12" tall and will not get bigger. Already producing ripened fruit while some of the other tomatoes barely have fruit set on them. We picked one today and split it 3 ways. Not a lot of taste to judge by. I am sure they will get sweeter as the summer goes on.


  1. Well, you can compare your squash to mine this year, and have a good laugh on me! Yep, mine are all of 1" high now. And congratulations on the Tumbling Tom. I grew one from someone's saved seeds one year, and it got about 10 feet tall and never tumbled! I've just about given up on "saved seeds", even my own.

  2. Boy, your squash is way ahead of mine. We will be harvesting our first zucchini tomorrow. That tumbling Tom tomato plant is cute. It looks like you will have some tomatoes to eat in a day or two!

    Those zucchini fritters look good! I have never made those or eaten them. Sounds like something we may just have to try!

  3. I have squash envy. The squash vine borers and squash bugs here in central Virginia make all the squash tribe very difficult to grow.

    Good luck with the butternuts!

  4. Your fritters look good. I have been planning of making some since last year but have not got to do it yet.

  5. yum, that looks great! I will have to show my sister b/c my father made me bring her a zillion zukes. I suggested some type of fritter. I wish there were a way to fry in oil without that lingering smell too!