Saturday, July 16, 2011

Odds and Ends

 The rare occasion when the "she" cat is interested in the vegetable garden. She is usually hiding in the flower bed.

The first stir fry vegetables 100% from the garden.

The death of the pattypan squash by none other then the vine borer.  I thought it might be saved when I went out this morning but this evening it looks worse. She was a good producer. Not too sad to see it go since I still have the stripped zucchinis. I will use the space to plant some carrots and beets for the fall.


  1. Boy, when a squash plant dies, it REALLY dies.
    I'll bet that stir fry was delicious. It's always a great feeling having a meal that's all home grown!

  2. Oh your she cat is just so so cute! Those dang SVB's! I'm sure that they will show up sooner or later here too.