Friday, June 4, 2010

First Tomato Fruit

Garden is growing

May 23

May 28

June 3

It is June 6 and I cannot believe that I have fruit on my tomatoes. This is before I have flowers on my peas or beans. I seeded all but three tomato plants* which I bought from the Master Gardeners Sale. I  planted them between May 6 (which is on the early side) and May 23. In the last week, the tomatoes have doubled in size. Some have loads of flowers that are dropping off, but others have fruit set depending on the variety.
Varieties Planted:
Matina Early Riper
Yellow pear
Sweet 100s
*Healthy Kick

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  1. I lover overhead shots of vegetable gardens, especially throughout the year. You can really get a feeling for how things grow.