Thursday, May 27, 2010

Butterflies, Radishes, Peppers and So Much More

I have begun to track the life of a swallow tail butterfly on my fennel plants.
On May 21st a swallow tail laid eggs on one of my fennel plants. Experience from last year tells me that these eggs will not make it because it is too early in the season. None the less I will continue to track it for everyone to see. The picture on the left was taken right after I witnessed the eggs being laid on May 21. On the right is the first Instar caterpillar stage. The egg hatched in the last 24 hours. Egg stage was 5 days.

I have been so curious about the radishes that I had to take a closer look and low and behold!… I must confess, my daughter was excited and talked me into pulling 4 of them out. I don't think that she really ever had a radish. Daughter and husband had one and I had two. i must say, they tasted really good and I am not really fond of raw radishes. We will pull some more out when my father comes to visit this weekend.

I have found the first official fruit on one of my pepper plants. This is one of the few plants that I did not start from seed. It is a padron pepper. On the other hand, someone has been eating my Anaheim pepper. Who could this be???

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