Friday, June 18, 2010

Garden Critters

Both my husband and I are fascinated by garden's critters and their behavior. We know that some are bad but none the less, it is a wonder to watch their behavior and imagine a life in a paradise of a vegetable garden. My garden is planted very tight and there are many critters that I never see, or see too late, like the cucumber beetles that have devastated my tomatillo plant. Squashed the eggs and hopefully they will leave the plant alone now.

Most fascinating must be watching the swallowtail butterfly in the process of laying her eggs.

This guy having climbed all the way up realizing that there was nothing at the top, is now on his way down.

And finally, my husband spotted this mantis on the compost bin. The mantis was so kind to wait till he ran in to get the camera.


  1. The little mantis is the first picture looks like he is marching. I usually have a lot of praying mantis. I have only seen two so far this year. Great photos!

  2. Awesome picture of the swallowtail butterfly.