Thursday, June 17, 2010

Garden Observtions

The last two weeks has brought on so much growth in the garden. If this is what the garden looks like in June, what is it going to look like in August?
This morning I harvested another bunch of Swiss chard. Two or three of these plants have  bolted and i am not sure which variety they are since I did not separate them when I planted them. Harvest - 5 bunches.
Zucchini are beginning to produce on a regular basis. If I remember to pick these when they are small, i will not get tired of them and they will be more tender. Harvest - 4
Crook-necks are falling off more often then producing and I am not good at cross pollinating by hand. Harvest - 4
Mustard and asian greens continue to do well. Harvest - 2 bunches.

Peas have begun to develope. It took forever for the flowers and then all of a sudden I have 2" peas. It looks as if it will be a small crop but since I grow peas for garden snacking and my daughter to show off, I have what I need.

Bush Beans are 1" long
Pole beans are going crazy and I am afraid there is no place for them to go. No flowers yet.

Fennel are growing - a new set of swallow tail butterfly eggs have been laid as of June 16.

Tomatoes are about 5' high. Like always, planted too close. They are in a holding phase right now. The fruit are not growing at the rate that the plant is. i wonder if I cut back the plant if the tomatoes would ripen?


  1. My plants are almost 5' tall as well. They are loaded with fruit.... a lot of the tomatoes are quite large. I have to plant mine some what close due to the limited space we have. I trim a lot of the suckers to give them enough air. I think that we just need a couple of hot they are predicting for this weekend

  2. Robin, I'll keep you posted on when I'm getting closer to a harvest date.