Monday, June 14, 2010

Harvest Monday

Another week and no idea how many pounds but that's OK. Thanks again to Daphne for hosting Harvest Monday.
The swiss chard continues with a harvest every three days and this is from the plants that I started in peat pods. I still have another small row that we started in the ground that are beginning to mature and will be ready for picking real soon. Good thing my daughter really likes it. Along with that I have had a number of asian greens that I am harvesting with lettuce.

Mustard and one squash that I stuck in a couscous and chickpea stew for a pot luck. This mustard is one of the best things I discovered. It has a wonderful tang and makes for a great addition to any sandwich in place of lettuce.

But the real surprise is the first zucchini and yellow crookneck squash.
I had to pull a couple of onion just to see. I have never grown onions and I guess for me they are a nice surprise. At this size, they would be great on the grill.

And lastly is my kale. This Kale makes great kale chips that are not bitter. My daughter can eat a bowl full on her own. What a great way to get all those good vitamins. Better than potato chips any day.
I'll post the cooked dish later.


  1. What a great harvest! I can't believe that you have zucchini and squash already. Those onions are a very nice size! It looks like you are going to have big onions!

  2. I'd like to hear about those kale chips! And I bet those onions would be great on the grill. That gives me an idea for ours!

  3. I might have to do the same with my onions as it is also our first year growing them and I am anxious! I already did it to the carrot patch!

    And ditto on the kale chips - sounds delish!

  4. Robin - this might meen that I get a good harvest of squash before the vine borer does its damage.

    Villager - Look for the recipe tomorrow. won't get to it till late today.

    Allison - How were the carrots? I planted mine late and do not think they will do anything.

  5. That kale is looking great, and I would love to see kale chips.

  6. Great harvest! Kale chips would certainly be an impetus for me to grow some kale : )
    Zucchini & summer squash already?? Lucky you!!! I've got some waiting to do on my zucchini as they've only been in the ground a short while.

  7. It's fascinating to see what is growing in different climates. Here, kale and all the other winter/spring greens are long gone, but squashes are just starting, and since I put in my squash late, it is still ways away.

  8. To all.
    Kale recipe is up. We had them with crab cakes over a bed of fresh lettuce and a side of steamed squash. The summer has started.

  9. Lovely harvest! Nice to have a variety of greens, onion and squash all at the same time.