Thursday, June 9, 2011

Waiting Patiently

Curioso says it all. In a rare moment of compassion, I let one of my cats follow me into the garden while I worked. He was very content napping and keeping me company.

Elsewhere in the garden progress is happening despite my very late and unenthusiastic start.
All the plants are in and actually looking good and healthy.

Pattypan squash. I love these squash but never want to dedicate so much space to the plant since the garden is not that big. This plant is in the garden but I cleared out a section behind the garden and planted two others. We will see how well they do.

Eggplant is flowering and this is one of the 10 plants that I did not start from seed. I get them from the Master Gardener sale and they look so healthy when I buy them.

Stripped squash, seeds compliments of Robin and I know it is hard to tell but a female and male squash opening up on the same day means a baby squash.

The only purchased tomato plant. This is a Juliet. I love these for fresh salsa and sun drying.

The peony lasted for such a short time. The Iris is the ones I brought from Mexico and I like them because they bloom much later than the other ones I have. 


  1. Everything looks great Johanna! I just planted my squash three days ago. You are way ahead of me with some of your crops.

    How about this heat???? I just hate it! I sure wish that it would rain and cool down. I guess that it is supposed to tonight. I'm sure that we will get some wicked storms

  2. Robin - Praying for just rain. I just gave away all my extra plants so the plants in the garden can not afford to be damaged.