Monday, June 13, 2011

The Squash have It.

While I have harvested a little here and there from the garden in the last few weeks, this is my first Harvest Monday post compliments of Daphne. Check some others out. I finally got an overhead shot of the garden.

I never seem to photograph my lettuce and that is probably because I cut and eat it. It is supposed to be better if it stays in the refrigerator over night so I am going to have to cut a day in advance. I have never tried head lettuce and might do that for the fall since my daughter likes it so much better than the mesclun mix. I pulled all the radishes. Half last week and the rest this morning. I realized that they were not getting bigger and the timing was not right for them this year - only dime size. So much smaller than last year when I got quarter size radishes.

This week, I also pulled a bunch of garlic. The stems fell over and they never gave me garlic scapes. I was so looking forward to getting some this year to make the pesto from Happy Acres. I still might get some scapes from the garlic I planted on the other side of the garden.

I guess the squash are the winners for the week. I was not sure when to pick the pattypan squash but it looked about the right time. I know it is hard to tell size but it was about 4" in diameter. Nicely followed by striped zucchini squash, compliments of Robin. I will try to pick these small. I think it is better for the plant and they taste better also. These three are about 8" long.


  1. Nice pic of your garden. I can't believe that you have squash and garlic already! My garlic won't be ready for awhile and my squash was just planted last week.

  2. Did you plant hardneck garlic? I didn't get a chance to track down some seed hardneck garlic, so I just planted some softneck from the grocery store, and I've read that only hardneck garlic will grow scapes. Your squash looks beautiful, and I hope they were ingredients for many tasty meals!

  3. Beautiful harvest! That zucchini squash looks particularly interesting.

  4. Robin - the peas should be coming in the next week or so. the weather is confusing the plants and I am not sure what to expect.

    thyme - I also planted garlic from the store so i guess that might be the answer or problem

    Thomas - had one of the squash tonight and they were sweet and firm, so I am a happy gardener.

  5. Garlic from the store is always softneck garlic. So yeah, no scapes from those. Occasionally they will get scapes, but only if really stressed out.

    I love the overhead view of your garden. I always like to see gardens from above as it gives a good feel for them.