Friday, July 23, 2010

Tomato, Tomato

The tomatoes have taken over my life. I did not expect to have so many before July 31. This is usually where we are at in mid August so I wonder how long into the August and September we will have tomatoes. A couple of years back, I had tomatoes on the plants till the first week of October.

I have been working minimally in the garden during these hot days. They are so exhausting for me. I try to get an hour of work in before the sun hits the garden which is at 8:00 am So I am out there early.

Last week I pulled out all the peas and gave room to the okra that was planted between the pea rows. They are happy and it is amazing how much they grew in the last week. I harvested about 10-12 okra. The first 5 went into a squash, tomato, swiss chard stew and my daughter did not notice. Next time we will put 10 in and see if she can taste them.

This week I pulled all the carrots and beets and planted a fall crop of carrots, beets and radishes. Hoping the heat does not kill them before they get started.

The pole bean has not started producing and I am not sure why. There are loads of flowers on the plant but no beans.

Peppers are beginning to come in.

Cucumbers are being picked one or two a day and then ………………
There are the tomatoes:


  1. Wow! You do have lots of tomatoes and some look very big!! Mine are not coming in that fast. Once the okra starts producing it keeps up a nice pace for a long time!!

    Late in reading posts from Monday Harvest :-)

  2. I just love those heirlooms...the shapes, colors and flavor are the best! My pole beans are at least 10' high with lots of flowers and no beans either. Do you think it's this heat??

  3. Wow, look at those tomatos!! Nice! Our pole beans plants have been growing like crazy, but hardly any beans too! I'm thinking its this crazy heat.

  4. That is a lot of tomatoes for July, I usualy get that much only in August. What will you do with them, make a tomato sauce or freeze them?

    I don’t do much work around the garden either. It’s too hot. I just do occasional harvest and watering. Well, today its raining (after more than 2 weeks of dry weather) so maybe it will not be hot as much.

  5. Robin and meemsnyc -
    "glad" to hear I am not the only one with pole bean problems. The plant has gone crazy producing leaves and shoots that are reaching over to the nearby tomatoes. Maybe it is the heat. I thought they might not be getting enough water since the plant was really big so in the last few days I have been watering a lot. i will keep you posted.

    vrtiarca - I can and freeze what I do not eat and of cousrse, give some away. I have tried dehydrating some but since I do not have a dehydrator, I use my toaster oven on the "keep warm" setting. It works when I don't forget them.

  6. I just did a little research on our bean problem. Excessive heat can cause them not to set fruit. It looks like after today the temperatures are going drop and next week will be in the 80's. We will see if that helps. I usually have so many beans that I can't keep up with the harvesting!

  7. Robin, Thanks. Unfortunately we are going to have hot weather most of the week. This is almost unbearable.

  8. Wow, look at those pretty tomatoes, I love the colors.
    My romano pole beans are struggling, I'm not sure I'll get any flat beans this year.