Monday, July 26, 2010

Garden Gone Wild and Harvest Monday

Well, I replaced one of the stolen cameras with a small camera that will take semi decent pictures. That should make this week and future weeks' posts "prettier" if nothing else. Daphne has a lot more harvest to look at.

Granny dared me and I took the challenge.
Three of the 5 corn that I can harvest. As you can see, much less impressive than Granny's corn harvest. I recently learned that every bud on the corn flower is the pollinator life line to the kernels in the corn. There were a lot of pollinator bees on those flowers so I am not sure why the corn looks so…. I do not think I will try corn again unless I can pick a different spot for them.

On some of the other fronts, Tomatoes have been rolling in by the bowl fulls. I weighed my Sunday harvest and it came out close to 10lbs for that day alone. It looks like I will have another week of this kind of harvest every two days and then I think there may be a hiatus. The plants have some small tomatoes on them but I am hoping there will be more flowers and fruit set with slightly cooler weather.

Harvested some pepper.

Beans are doing poorly but the plant has gone wild. i am not sure if I would find a bean if it was in there. Robin is having the same problem and we think it was the excessive heat. Oh well. I am beginning to get okra on a regular basis and that is fun. The flowers are so beautiful.

The zucchini squash plant that was giving me a a squash every other day has stopped producing and the SVB does not seem to have stunted the plant growth. Maybe I should pull it out.

I am looking forward to being able to post some other stuff with the new insta-camera.


  1. I have the same exact result on my pole bean plants. It has grown like crazy, but hardly any beans have been produced. I'm guessing it's definitely the heat. How many tomato plants did you plant, you are getting quite the harvest!

  2. OK, my corn beat out your corn, but your tomatoes beat out my harvest by a mile.

    My pole beans have stopped producing, but I expect them to put forth a new flush of blossoms again soon. Actually, none of my beans are producing much now, I probably shouldn't have pulled out the prolific Contender bush beans when I did. I do think your zucchini will start blossoming again. It looks really healthy, I'd leave it in if it were mine. Now, excuse me while I go out and pull a perfectly good crookneck squash plant, because it's blocking my way to the tomatoes ;-)

  3. Your pictures look great! Wasn't the weather nice this morning??? I got so much done!

    I hope that the beans start soon!

  4. Memsync,
    I have a total of 19 plants but the 5 brandywines that I planted are producing much more than the past.

    That zucchini is blocking the way to the cucumbers so I might be pulling in your footsteps.

    Robin, It was beautiful today. This is what the first half of summer was supposed to be like.

  5. I would be discouraged too if I harvested corn like that, too. It looks like you replaced your camera just in time to document these "beauties"! But your tomatoes are definitely doing well and looking good, too. I planted a bush variety of green beans this year, got a few handfuls of beans out of them, but they've been stalling in this heat. I ended up pulling up the plants yesterday because the beetles were making the leaves so ratty and I got tired of looking at these plants that weren't even producing.

    Looking forward to more garden pictures from your new camera!

  6. Sorry about your corn, I've never grown corn before, I've heard you have to hand pollinate them to ensure a good crop.

  7. Your harvest looks really good. The heat pretty much made my bean production non-existent. I'm thinking of just pulling it all.

  8. I try to grow corn occasionally, but my old garden just didn't have the space to produce well. I'm hoping to try again. I can only hope.

  9. 10lbs of tomatoes, oh yum. Did you plant your corn in blocks? Often it's just a case of not enough corn pollen on the cobs because they were row planted too far apart or in a narrow row. Someone told me that you could eat corn pollen in soup and the process of knocking some of it off would help spread the pollen. No idea, but sounded interesting.

  10. Jeana, I will pull the beans in a week or so if they don't start producing.

    Daphne, I think you could succeed at anything as long as there is space. I hope you do try again.

    OG, I did plant them in a thin row. I will probably try two more years. i try to stick to the 3 strike rule since I learn so much the first year I fail.

  11. Yeah, your corn looks a little sad. I've only tried corn a few years, and they've never done any good. I think you have lots of company in the corn gardening realm! Your tomatoes look awesome. Very pretty.
    My word verification is swooki. I think that's a pretty cool word, especially for not being a word!

  12. For the amount of corn I planted this year and the amout of space it took up (about a 4.4 area)it did fairly well. Block planting for small areas really helps, and I was out there every morning knocking on the stalks to get the pollen dust to float over the silks. I even removed some of the tassles and rubbed them by hand onto the silks. I think it helped. You might want to give it a try next year.