Saturday, May 22, 2010

Now the Wait

Now comes the hard part.
I sit and wait for more stuff to happen. Flowers are on the tomatoes. The crook neck squash have fruit on them and I am hoping for male flowers to open for pollination.

Swiss chard is beginning to leap and I should be able to harvest some leaves in less than two weeks. This picture was from yesterday and today, it feels twice as big.
My chamomile is like a weed and ready to harvest. As long as I leave a few flowers on the plant it will reseed and plants will come up in a few weeks. These are in my daughter's plot and they make for a wonderful ladybug and butterfly stop.

My daughter planted two turnips - (not sure why). I can see the beginning of the bulbs surfacing. It seems so early but I will be so happy to have a root vegetable. The leaves look beautiful. This is the first year for my purple iris and it is just as gorgeous as the yellow ones which you can reference here.

Lastly, the other cat must make an appearance. Perched on the edge and always ready to pounce on a butterfly. If she could only keep the moles away.

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  1. I am looking forward to the metamorphoses of the caaterpiller into the butterfly.