Friday, May 21, 2010

The Carrots have Germinated

So excited by all the stuff that is in and beginning to pop. Everything is in accept for a plant or two. So I feel that I am officially cataloguing the contents of the garden.

The garden is divided into 11 smaller plots. i refer to them by numbers except for my daughter's plot. Some of the plots get a little too much shade from a tree that has almost doubled in size in the last three years. PSEG trimmed some branches that were in the way of the wires and this forced it to sprout up. It is not our tree and I think I will be heading out there with a clipper or saw to remove some of the branches. Along the back from left are one, two, three. The middle is four, five, six and the most forward is seven, eight, (daughter's plot) and nine.

The last two plots can be seen below. The plot on the top is divided into two: ten-a and ten-b. The plot on the bottom is eleven. These are the two plots that get a lot of shade. Plot ten has mainly root vegetables and brussel sprouts.

The excitement for the day is the following:  
The carrots have germinated. Can you see them? I had to thin the radishes and this is what I pulled out. I am so excited since all I got last year were beautiful leaves from my radishes. Aren't these precious?

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  1. I am looking forward to the growth and metamorphoses of the caterpillars.