Monday, August 1, 2011

Got to Love the Variety

Another wonderful week of harvest. Still getting swiss chard which is pretty good given the warm temperatures. My first two butternut squashes weighing in at 3.5 lbs each. WOO-HOO

The Tomates in this batch can be seen in detail here.
The two first Brandywines

Carrots, cucs and basil .

 An heirloom, seeds compliment of Ana Vitlarica
She has not posted in a while and I miss those posts. 
This tomato is 5" in diameter and weighs about 20 oz.

Two more butternuts, zucchini squash 
and a few more tomatoes to add to the mix.

 The summer tomato salad. Everyone should have one.
See some other harvest at Daphne's for Harvest Monday.


  1. Nice harvest. And yes--tomato salad--YUM!

  2. Your butternut squash look divine. Mine flunked. I got toee itty babies ripe, but tinier than my thumb. Ah well. Beautiful variety!

  3. What a great harvest Johanna! You have a little bit (or a lot a bit) of everything! I do miss Ana also. I was thinking about e-mailing her. I haven't heard from her since the winter.

  4. Mmmmm. I love your butternuts! Beautiful!

  5. I envy those squashes. Mine just won't set female blossoms. They all fall off before opening. Last year they set just fine.

  6. Lovely, lovely harvest! You're picking what I should be picking by now,....sigh.

  7. Those butternut squashes look perfect! Wow. Very nice!

  8. Awesome harvest Johanna! I particularly like the butternut squash. I have some acorn squash in the garden but never thought to check to see if they were ready.

  9. Vary nice variety of harvest!

    I'm growing some swiss chard in the garden, too. I wanted to see how well they can handle the heat. They are not ready for harvest yet. Yours look wonderful.