Monday, August 30, 2010

Harvest Monday

My husband and daughter have been away for the week so I have spent some of my time freezing and canning without two more mouths to feed. I never realized how much they consume!
Frozen Beans
Frozen Tomato Sauce
Frozen Okra stew
Frozen Kale
Then a friend of mine has been away and she has a peach tree. She urged me to help myself. First year that it has produced fruit and she didn't even get to taste one. I made:
6 pints of Peach jam
4 pints of Peach chutney
Of course I'll give her some.

Tomato plants don't look so good but oddly have started to send out new shoots and flowers and have set fruit again. The Juliet and Sun Gold are loaded with fruit and the Brandywines have plum size fruit. Even the Early ripers are starting up again. The glut is over so I am happy to have fresh tomatoes as long as I can. The idea of buying them from the store is disheartening.

Some of the fall radishes are ready for harvest. I should have planted more. I wonder if it is too late. I lose a lot of my sun in the garden this time of the year.

Hop over to Daphne's to see more harvests.


  1. What a great idea to grow radishes in fall! They were always spring-only veggies for me. I would guess that it is not too late to sow them again. They do like cooler temperatures.

  2. Nice looking veggies. I planted a row of spinach and lettuce recently, if we get enough warm temps we should have have salads through september. I didn't think to plant radishes to, that would have been a good addition.


  3. Aren't those Juliets and Sungolds prolific? We've had lots of them this year. I'm with you on the fresh tomatoes. We refuse to eat the ones from the grocery stores here!

  4. Very pretty harvests. I'm going to be planting a peach tree next year. I hope to have lots of peaches. Yum.

  5. Yum, peach jam and chutney. Delicious!

  6. Beautiful harvest! From what I've read, radishes grow really fast (3-4 weeks) and they grow well in cool spring/fall weather, so I would think that you still have plenty of time left to grow another batch of radishes? I planted my first radishes almost two months ago, and although they all germinated, they have barely grown at all. I think it's just been too hot for them.

  7. oooh - I could go for some peaches - haven't had many this year! Great looking harvest.

  8. vrtlarica and Thyme- planted more radishes. If they make it past these 4 days of 95° then I think I'll have more.

    Villager - Yes, those Juliets and Sun Golds are prolific. Those are plums in the picture but I have had a second surge of Juliets and Sun Golds that I am enjoying.

    Everyone else
    Peaches were good this year. THe chutney is delicious but the Jame was a little on the loose side. Great over ice cream.