Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where has the Time Gone!

Monday harvest came and went and I have just not been on top of the posting. None the less, I have been getting a variety of items from the garden and they are pictured below. Oddly, the tomatoes are being consumed and nobody is quite sick of them yet. The small ones pop in the mouth without being conscious that you are doing so. Slicing, tomato juice, and cooking with the others. Pole beans are beginning to come in regularly.  I cut back all the swiss chard and am hoping it will send out another burst of energy. I did not plant more. The kale is beautiful. and some of the eggplants are coming in.

Any idea what is wrong with these tomatoes? They are mottled in color and very  mealy. I am picking them from the same exact plants that other very tasty and juicy brandywine tomatoes are being picked. If it were happening to all of them, I could understand, but only a few is perplexing.


  1. Is that Russian kale? I have read that it is sweeter than other kale varieties. Is that true? I am planning to sow some soon.
    Is the tomato plant turning brown and yellow? Some of mine tomatoes look like this - they start to rot before they ripe. In my case it's because of the rains that we had recently.

  2. vrtlarica - it is asian red kale but it only turns red (tough and bitter) when it gets real cold outside. I think it is sweeter than most others. This year it is growing all summer. Yes, the tomato plants are turning yellow and brown but too much water has not been our problem as we have had less than 2" of rain for the summer. Maybe lack of water?

  3. I don't think it's lack of water, my tomatoes always do better when it's drought.
    Morning fog and high humidity can also cause this problem. My experience tells me that tomatoes don't like water anywhere except on the roots.

  4. Hmm, sorry to hear about the tomatoes. That's a bummer! Ours were plagued by BER!