Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow and More Snow

There is no garden to write about and I have obviously been holding on to the last post which proved that I did have a garden but I miss posting. Noticed that the Villager had a snow post and decided to add my own.

The monday after Christmas, with the big snow storm that hit, I had to drive my daughter to winter camp. She was so excited to go but with 2 feet of snow - I had my work set out for me. Got bundled up but couldn't quiet get out the door even thought we are  good 2 and a half feet above ground. Got the steps cleared and decided to make my way to the driveway to start digging out the car.

I thought I would get lost only 3 feet from my door. Out on the street safely, I started to dig.

When we finally got up to the camp, the lake was beautiful and they had much less snow than we did. Enough to have some fun.

Today we have more snow.
Daughter is in school but this is what the car looks like and it is going to stay that way until I absolutely have to go some place.

Counting the days till the early spring thaw and bulbs poking out of the ground.


  1. Boy, you got hit much harder then us so far this year and you are probably only about 50 miles east of us. The last storm missed us by 10 miles and we got about 2-3" today. I would really love ONE Big Storm this winter!

    Stay inside and dream about the warm days of Spring and planting this years garden :)

  2. Pretty!!! I guess you get tired of it pretty quickly, but I'm just waiting for our first big snow of the season.

  3. That is a lot of snow, Johanna! We never get that much here. If we did, than we would probably had to stay in the house for a few days... Beautiful picture of the lake!

  4. Robin - !5 miles west had much less snow. Amazing how local it can be.

    Wendy - usually you get more than we get. visiting a cousin in MD next month and hoping your first big snow comes before that.

    Anna - I would have stayed in the house had I had a choice.