Monday, November 15, 2010

Green Green Harvest

People are still posting on Daphne's harvest Monday and it is a range of harvest depending on location. I have spent the last couple of weeks tearing down the tomato plants, harvesting about 8lbs of green cherry tomatoes that have been slowly ripening. They have lost most flavor but at least I know that I grew them which makes it a few steps above store bought.

I harvested all the carrots but forgot to take a picture.
Planted the garlic and am very excited to have a new crop. The ones  planted earlier have poked out of the ground so I hope that is OK.

I harvested a very large bowl of greens that are beautiful in color and I will most likely get another harvest before the temperature drops too far. Red mustard, kale, pac choi and ruby red swiss chard.

We have been collecting leaves for composting and are trying something a little different this year. Hubby is making a pass with the lawn mower on top of the leaves. Some will be saved to add to the compost bin throughout the year and some will be applied directly to the garden around the greens and garlic.


  1. Wow, those greens sure are beautiful!

  2. Veru nice greens Johanna! It sounds like you have been getting a lot of work done outside cleaning up the yard & garden. We have been lucky to have this warm spell this time of year!

    Regarding your garlic, mine usually always pokes out before the winter. I mulch mine with straw before the winter hits though.

    I'm trying my hand at making leaf mold this year. We will see how it works out.

  3. meem - thank you

    Robin - the weather has been great. In our old house, where it was too shady to have a garden, we had a large area in the back that we collected the leaves. By spring time, it was completely converted into compost, mold or whatever you want to call it. I have to work a little harder in the new house.

  4. Lovely greens you have harvested!
    Have a great week,

  5. The greens look great! Not a slug or caterpillar hole in sight.

  6. Beautiful greens, nice harvest, thanks for sharing!

  7. I love the dark red chard. I like the variety of colors that are available to us - appealing to the eye as well as the taste.

  8. Beautiful harvest! All the greens look so healthy, I am sure they were tasty!
    Mine pac choi and red mustard are full with holes. Some black caterpillars are all over them. I am continuously removing them, but there are more and more of them each time. But I think there will be a few leaves to harvest soon.

  9. Very pretty mix of greens. Mine are mostly the same color, but I did harvest red lettuce so something. I think this week I'll have to harvest what is left of the chard. It isn't growing anymore anyway. I haven't harvested from it in weeks.

  10. Very healthy looking greens! Way to go with the mower and the leaves. I noticed with mine that after they're mulched up, the wind doesn't blow them around as much as whole leaves. I mowed up about 50 bags of leaves last year for my compost pile. Worked out fine!

  11. what a gorgeous selection of greens (and reds!) you have.